Swing Check Valve


RDCV- Rubber Disc Check Valve

   RDCV-is a fully encapsulated resilient  disc seat, double flange swing  check valve for reliable reverse flow  preventiongood for both clean water/ sewage applications. It is a 40 degree  angle declined seat which can help  quick closure and minimize the water  hammer and slamming.

    Features: · Double flfl ange design, the disc is composed  of DI plate, steel bar shaft and nylon reinforced  fabric. ·The rubber disc is totally encapsulated in  NBR rubber for superior sealing and corrosion  resistance. ·Nylon fabric is inserted into the disc for  stengthening the disc from cracking and  breaking during operations. ·Much shorter stroke to minimize water hammer  and water slamming. ·The flap disc rises above the flow profile reducing  possible wear and damage. ·All iron parts are coated in fusion bond epoxy resin. ·Simple design, top entry cover allows for access for  cleaning, replacement and maintenance easy. ·Meets BS EN 1074-3 and BS EN 558 F/F


   General Applications: For general water supply, fifi re fifi ghting,HVAC/ cooling & sewage system.

Technical Data: Size Range:DN 50-1200mm Pressure rating: PN10 ,PN16. Max. temperature Range: -100 C to 800 C

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