Custom cast iron flange butterfly valve maker Manufacturer | SHSUOTE Valve

Custom cast iron flange butterfly valve maker Manufacturer | SHSUOTE Valve

Looking for a top-notch cast iron flange butterfly valve product that meets all technical specifications of check valves? Look no further than our high-quality offering. Boasting a compact and tight structure, as well as a sleek appearance, this product is a breeze to install and a cinch to maintain over time. Don't settle for less - choose our product for guaranteed satisfaction!
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Over the years, SHSUOTE Valve has been offering customers high-quality products and efficient after-sales services with the aim of bringing unlimited benefits for them. cast iron flange butterfly valve SHSUOTE Valve have a group of service professionals who are responsible for answering questions raised by customers through the Internet or phone, tracking the logistics status, and helping customers solve any problem. Whether you'd like to get more info on what, why and how we do, try our new product - New cast iron flange butterfly valve maker, or would like to partner up, we'd love to hear from you. prioritizes product quality and upholds international quality system certification standards. Our cast iron flange butterfly valve is renowned for its dependable performance, consistent quality, affordability, durability and enjoys immense credibility amongst our customers. Trust and support from our customers is our greatest asset.

Flanged concentric disc butterfly valve technical parameters

Technical Data

1. Equipmentusedin regulating or cutting off medium in pipeline.

2. Suitable for handies(DN50-300), Gear Operators, electric and pneumatic 

control actuators

3. Standards of design and manufacture confoml to GB/T12238

4. Pressure test confoml to GB/T13927

5. Structure lengrth meet to GB/T12221

6. Side flange standard meet to GB/T17241.6.

7. For installation infomiation, please refer to "Operation manual of installation 

and maintenance".

Curve of Flow Rate

Note: Performance curve of fow volume means the relationship 

between open degree of valve and flow volume. Norally butterfly 

valve suitable to use in control fow. Whenvalve's open degree 

under 30°, not recommend to use in flow volume control.

Flanged concentric disc butterfly valve ST026 D341X

- Driving device flange

Can be used in handles, gear operators, electric or pneumatic actuators.

- Bushing

Reduce driving stem, and effectively separate it with valve bodyreduce wear of stem.

- Surface of disc axle hole

Through treatmentofpolishing, precisely fit with seat.

- High precision disc external profile

Reach the requirement of bubble-tight, small start and stop torque, longerusage life ofseat.

- Stem seal

Stem is not easy to be distorted, eliminating possible leakage in stem.

- Strong precision key

Give possible attachment for manual lever or actuator.

- Precision taper pin

Ensure positive vibration proof. Stem to disc connection.

Easily feld replaceable.

- Integralstem design

High precision and reliability, convenient for start.

- Side seal

With no need of flange gasket.

- Body lined with rubberseat

Good integralsupport, stable and solid, stretch-proof, leakage-proof.

- 0-ring

Prevent leakagein axle end

Concentric Flanged Butterfly Valve Overall Dimension PN10 . Pn16

DN50 to DN1000    CV Valve-Flow Rate Coefficient

DN50 to DN1000 CV Valve-Flow Rate Coefficient

CV=when valve entirely opened,pressure difference in both sides of valve will be 1 pound/inch2 ,when fluid is 60°F clean water,flow volume of per gallon/min.flowing through valve .

CV=Q(G/△P) 1/2       Whereas: G=Specific gravity, clean water will be 1.0 Q=Max fow rate

△P=Pressure difference, lb/in2

C=The valve CV is the flow rate(m3/h) of pure water at normal temperature passing through the valve when the valve disc is fully opened and the pressure differential between the two ends of the valve is 10Kpa(1Kg/cm2 ) CV=1.17C

Actuator Technical Parameters of the Concentric Flanged Butterfly Valve

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