SHSUOTE Valve | Top wireless ball valve company

SHSUOTE Valve | Top wireless ball valve company

wireless ball valve It is composed of valve body, disc, valve seat, guide sleeve, spring and other parts. It has reasonable design, simple structure, good sealing performance and long service life, and can effectively prevent the medium in the pipeline from flowing back.
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Set up years ago, SHSUOTE Valve is a professional manufacturer and also a supplier with strong capabilities in production, design, and R&D. wireless ball valve We have professional employees who have years of experience in the industry. It is them that provides high-quality services for customers all over the world. If you have any questions about our new product wireless ball valve or want to know more about our company, feel free to contact us. Our professionals would love to help you at any time. conducts standardized production in strict accordance with national and product technical requirements, adopts scientific management methods to strictly control the quality of all important links from raw material procurement to finished product delivery, and ensures that all wireless ball valve put into the market are qualified according to national quality inspection standards product.

Product characteristics of eccentric hemisphere valve

■ More reasonable structure design

Adopting the eccentric - deed principle achieves tne purpose of tne brake tightly, regulation by transmission mechanism. The sealing ring surface is metal with hard faced contact seal. Double eccentric structure is in the open when the valve core is located in the ball room.large flow area and zero water loss, can save a lot of resources, and the valve is not washed, close the valve core will not be washed,and open the valve core sphere can etrecnveiv move aiona me seat so as to easiiv remove fouling obstacles, achieve reliable seal,and the two-phase mixed flow easily scale solid precipitation mixed now convey panicuiany enectiveiy.

Lower pressure loss

Fully open when the water loss is zero, the flow channel is completely smooth; chest automatic cleaning.,The valve core is can rotate in 90 angle, automatically flush valve chest and clean up the debris of the medium. ) Also, the debris will not be deposited in the valve chest . The ball is hemispherical. Circulation with the highest Cv value enhanced the system efficiency of the pump and the abrasion is reduced to the lowest degree.

Better quality assurance of sealing

Using eccentric principle, the ball and valve seat are closed tightly under the positive pressure, so as to obtain good sealing; floating seat under the anti pressure, will push the ball towards valve seat. The higher the pressure, the closer between valve seat and the ball, So that the sealing can get a good automatic seal function.

Longer service life

No wearing parts. Due to the eccentric effect, in the process of opening and closing, the valve body completely separated from the sealing of valve seat, and make the seat surface and the spherical cap shift without friction between spherical rotation. At the same time it can reduce operating torque effectively and operate easily. Automatic compensation functions of the valve, can greatly improve the service life of the valve.

Maintenance easier

Self-cleaning function. When the ball roll away from the valve seat, fluid in the pipeline flow along the sealing surface of the sphere into 360 degree, not only eliminates the high-speed fluid scour to seat local, sediment is washed away from the sealing face. The spherical cap edge with hard seal eccentric semi ball valve adopts edge shape, not only can scrape the dirt on the valve seat, also can cut sundries, to achieve self cleaning purposes.

Structure Diagram Of Eccentric Hemispherical Valve

■ The valve shaft connection diagram with the body and sealing treatment measures

Eccentric semi ball valve shaft designed as the stem shaft, namely, the valve shaft is completely covered with packing and the bearing, to make sure the bearing and valve stem gap does not produce any corrosion, to ensure long-term reliable operation, maintenance free, and gland locking on the body. The bushing locks the nut and the gasket tightly, to make sure the shaft cannot move up and down.

Schematic Diagram of Seal at Lower Shaft Sleeve

Valve shaft Sealing is shown schematically in figure.

The upper shaft sealing adopts 3 0 sealing rings on the driving shaft and 2 O sealing rings on the bushing. The lower shaft adopts 2 O sealing rings both on the driven shaft and on the sleeve on the bushing. The chance of seal leakage is less than 1/10000.

The valve shaft and the valve plate connection diagram and sealing treatment measures

The valve shaft is an eccentric sphere. The three section type structure (the main, driven shaft, ball) valve plate is a spherical cap. The spherical cap is fixed on the eccentric ball with the set screw. So it is static seal, the seal is reliable.

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