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High speed compound air release valve product features:

▪ Exhaust process more smoothly

Steady air release can avoid pressure surge and protect pipeline damage .


▪ More autonomous working mode

The valve can release air when filing water in pipe, enter air to get rid of negative pressure when vacuum or negative pressure exists .


▪ A more reliable way of discharge

Quick released ai and air with water wil not dose valve orfice in advance and cause air sea. Orice will close when air is released completey .


▪ Automatic protection safer performance

Whenever if system pressure is lower than atmosphere forexample, water coymn happened, the valve will open immediately and air wilenter svstento aet rid of neaative pressure, At the same time, Entering air can speed up the speed of air release during air release .

High speed compound air release valve technical parameters

Compound quick air inbreathe-release valve valve dimensions

Inspection and maintenance program

Close cut-off valve under air release valve. take off the connection bolts between valve body and cover use water to clear foatong ball ,body ,cover ,sealing ring and creen. The foating ball is put back in place, install the high speed air valve cover, tighten the bolts; Open the cut-off valve.

Installation and maintenance


Valve Should be installed vertically in the pipeline highest piont. The cut-off valve (butterfly valve or gate valve)should be installed  beforeair release valve.

Routine maintenance

Regular check and maintenance should be made as regular work. Check and maintenance is recommened for one or two times in one year. The work can increase according to water condition.

Technical Data

1.Valve desian and manufacture according to CJT 217 standard 

2.Valve testing and inspection standards in accordance with GB/T 13927  standard 

3.Flange connection in accordance with GB/T 17241.6 standard 

4.Product apperance conforms to GB/T 7927 standard

Applicable Pressure: PN1.0~1.6MPa

Applicable Size:DN15~300

Applicable Temperature: -25℃~90℃

Body Material:  Cast iron, Ductile iron

Connection Type: Thread, Flanged

High speed compound air valve overall dimension PN10. PN16

Compound quick air inbreathe-release valve exhaust volume curve

High speed compound air release valve/Slow closing inlet and outlet valve Product srructure

Note: * composite type high speed exhaust valve / Slow closing inlet and outlet valve general parts

Slow closing assemblv operation process

In the deep well pump in operationn

In the deep wel pump room,the pipeline first filed with water, the air through the air valve at high sped, the pipe in the water to high-speed impact foat, the air  vaive suddeny closed. formino a ciosed valve water hammer. The ciosed -ipe ar vave s dwded into wo stage. which can eleclvely preven the ar vaive suddeny  shuidown, thereby reducing the pressure fluctuation in the system. 

Running of the water column separation 

Pumping station power and other accidents caused by water column separaton conditions. Water column in the pump or pipe high separate to form a negative  pressure zone,opposite the water fow in the pipelme, forming water column o brdge and its nstantaneous hiah pressure may wl make the pipeline burstln  

In the special point of the pipeline, the air valve is installed, and the working process is as follows: 

When the water column is separated, a lot of air from the air valve into the vacuum, eliminating negative pressure. 

When the water column is close the air wll be mmediately purge through the vent valve. Slow closing built-in component, limit the exhaust fiow rate, pressure  fluctuations in the pipeline. 

Slow closing type of air valve buffer structure, effectively improve the valve airin the condition of the gas phase, the valve can also run normally

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