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Produced with the latest technology, Ductile Iron Adjustable Pressure Reducing Valve in Steel Plant ranks top in the industry. It caters to the foreign markets. Shanghai Suote Valve Co.,Ltd. have always advocated the customer-centric business concept, aiming to provide customers with specialized, standardized, and diversified services. We focus on technology development and hope to make some innovations backed by strong technical strength.

Product Description

1.Product details

Name:Ductile iron adjustable pressure reducing Valve in steel plant

Ductile Iron Adjustable Pressure Reducing Valve in Steel Plant
01. Description
Adjustable pressure reducing valve is a kind of pilot operated relief valve, the hydraulic control valve of the main valve and pressure relief valve, the main valve outlet pressure change through enlarge pilot valve to control the main valve disc movement, is a kind of common pressure control valve, the valve is mainly used for water supply pipe network under pressure or building water supply system, keep the downstream pressure for a set value, not due to changes in upstream pressure or downstream of the change of water consumption change. 

02. Main parts&material  
No.  Part Material China stardard 
Body Ductile iron EN-JS1040 
Seat ring Stainless steel AISI 304 
O-ring Rubber NBR 
O-ring Rubber NBR 
Screw bolt Stainless steel A2 
Gasket Stainless steel A2 
Bonnet Ductile iron EN-JS1040 
Axis Guide Lead Brass CZ 122 
Spring Stainless steel AISI 304 
10 Nut Stainless steel A2 
11 Diaphragm Rubber NBR 
12 Diaphragm pressure plate Ductile iron EN-JS1040 
13 Hinge Pin Stainless steel AISI 304 
14 Yoke Ductile iron EN-JS1040 
15 Ball seat Rubber NBR 
16 Guide plate Stainless steel AISI 304 
17 Stem Stainless steel AISI 304 
I8 Plug Stainless steel AISI 304  

03. Features
001. The stem - diaphragm assembly with dual lead action through top and seat rings provides long life and reliability, 
002. All cast iron parts are coated with powder epoxy resin to resist corrosion. 
003. During maintenance, the main valve can be repaired directly on line without disconnecting from the pipeline. 
004. The linear flow of valve body is convenient to obtain better control characteristics and lower head loss. 
005. Ductile iron has high strength and light weight
006. Reinforced nylon diaphragm, die layer thickness uniform strength, good precision, durable. 
007. Internal use of stainless steel seat, guide platen and shaft, durable. 
008. Good closing effect, safe zero crown leakage. 
009. Hydraulic operation does not need external power, it can be matched with different guide valves and accessories as opening and closing or adjusting water level, pressure and flow. 
010. There is a lifting ring attached above DN150 for lifting operation. 
Feature description: 
001. The pressure reducing valve device is in the system pipeline. When the outlet pressure exceeds the setting system of the wizard valve, the main valve will be automatically closed by the wizard valve, and the main valve will be automatically opened when the pressure is lower than the set value. 
002. The pressure change at the outlet is not changed by the pressure change at the upstream inlet, nor by the water quantity at the downstream outlet. 
003. The final outlet pressure value reaches the equilibrium, that is, the pressure setting value. 

04. Dimensions  
DN ØB PN1O N-Ød PN16 PN25 N. W. Kg 
50 230 173 232 85     4-Ø19     14 
65 290 197 259 95 4-Ø19 4-Ø19 8-Ø19 19 
BO 310 224 279 102 8-Ø19 8-Ø19 8-Ø19 23 
100 350 265 305 120 8-Ø19 8-Ø19 8-Ø23 32 
150 480 352 445 152 8-Ø23 8-Ø23 8-Ø28 68 
200 600 436 569 182 8-Ø23 12-Ø23 12-Ø28 112 
250 730 518 611 212 12-Ø23 12-Ø28 12-Ø31 178 
300 850 600 659 242 12-Ø23 12-Ø28 16-Ø31 225  
PN10 PN16 PN25 PN10 PN16 PN25 PN10 PN16 PN25 
400 1100 565 580 620 515 525 550 813 16-Ø28 16-Ø31 16-Ø37 
450 1100 615 640 670 565 585 600 813 20-Ø28 20-Ø31 20-Ø37 
5CO 1250 670 715 730 620 650 660 967 20-Ø28 20-Ø34 20-Ø37 
6CO 1450 780 840 845 725 770 770 1140 20-Ø31 20-Ø37 20-Ø40 
700 1450 895 910 I 960 840 840 875 1140 24-Ø31 24-Ø37 24-Ø43  

05. Execution standard  
Design standard CJ/T219, JB/T10674 
Flange connection standard GB/T17241.6 
Structural length standard GB/T12465 
Inspection testing standard GB/T13927 
Face spacing standard GB/T12221  

06. Technical parameters  
Nominal diameter DN50~DN600(2"~24") PN10
DN50~DN600(2"~24") PN16
DN50~DN200(2"~8") PN25 
Nominal pressure PN10/PN16/PN25 
Operating temperature 0°C~85°C 
Seal test 1.1PN 
Shell test 1.5PN 
Suitable medium Water  

07. Operating principle
Relief pilot valve's work is based on the spring down on began and the force of the disc and close the disc forces on diaphragm upward on the basis of mutual balance, when the main valve back-end water, pilot valve spring pressure is greater than the effect on water pressure of the bottom of pilot valve diaphragm, pilot valve began to qi, the main valve cavity drainage outward, the main valve to play me alone, when the main valve back-end without water, the back-end pressure increases, the pilot valve diaphragm upward push, to close the pilot valve, which makes the main valve closed, the back-end pressure stable in a fixed value, and the main valve back-end water is different, make the effects on different water pressure of the bottom of pilot valve diaphragm, pilot valve began to change, Thus, the size of the main valve opening can be controlled to keep the pressure at the back end at the set value. The pressure set at the back of the valve can be adjusted by the adjusting screw on the pressure relief guide valve. 

08. Applications
Widely used in petrochemical, chemical, gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, HVAC and general industry. 

2.Factory tour
Ductile Iron Adjustable Pressure Reducing Valve in Steel Plant
Ductile Iron Adjustable Pressure Reducing Valve in Steel Plant
Ductile Iron Adjustable Pressure Reducing Valve in Steel Plant
Ductile Iron Adjustable Pressure Reducing Valve in Steel Plant
Ductile Iron Adjustable Pressure Reducing Valve in Steel Plant

3. FAQ
Q1. How about your delivery time? 
A. Commonly, it is 5-10 days if in enough stock. It will takes about 20-30 days after receiving the deposit, the delivery time depends on the items and the order quantity. 

Q2: Are you trading company or manufacturer? 
A: We are a manufacturer of hydraulic control valve, gate valve, butterfly valve, check valve, pressure reducing valve and other valve parts for Water plant, secondary water supply, municipal pipe network, reservoir, garbage treatment plant, subway and other industries in municipal engineering; Petrochemical, steel plant, power plant, shipbuilding and paper-making, bio-pharmaceutical, etc

Q3: Can you produce according to our own drawings? 
A: Yes, please send your own drawing draft to us. OEM items are welcome. 

Q4: Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra? 
A: Yes, we'd like to offer the sample for free charge but the freight will be on your charge. 

Q5: Do you have agent or representative abroad? 
A: We don't have any agents abroad up to now. If you have interests to join us as agent and enjoy more discounts. Just feel free to contact us then we can discuss more details. 

Q6: Can we print the LOGO on products? 
A: Yes, the OEM is available with the permission of our customers. 

Q7. What is your payment term? 
A: T/T or L/C, if you want any other way, please contact us. 

Q8: What is your main market? 
A: Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, MID East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe, North America, South America, and so on. 

Q9: If products have some quality problem, how will you deal with? 
A: We will be responsible for all the quality problems. 

Q10: What can I get from cooperating with SUOTE VALVE? 
A: 1. Special valves, with customized service. 
2. Timely production and delivery, time is money. 
3. Market protection service, long term business strategy. 

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