Environmental protection problems of coal chemical industry

September 09, 2022

About the environmental protection aspect of the present coal chemical industry project, how to operate?

Of coal resources in China are mainly concentrated in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Guangzhou and Henan provinces, such as current coal chemical projects focused on the coal resources also relatively developed areas, it is the core of the coal chemical technology will chemical reaction of carbon and water, the production of carbon monoxide, hydrogen gas water displacement, excess carbon and oxygen in the water, producing carbon dioxide emissions directly, so coal chemical industry a large number of carbon dioxide and water consumption, but in our country there is coal, water is particularly scarce, so coal chemical projects subject to water restrictions.The discharge of gray water and black water from coal chemical industry has been well done. Zero discharge may not be the same, but the amount of discharge is very small, because the water can be recycled. The chromium-cadmium ion concentration in the waste water after repeated recycling is high, and the discharge after treatment is less pollution.

For example, 300Kt/a coal-to-ethylene glycerin project, which USES hundreds of tons of water per hour, has a sewage discharge of 5-6 tons per hour, which is very small.If crystallization is used, chromium-cadmium ions can be converted to solid salt emissions, the emissions will be smaller.

Shanghai SUOTE VALVE have what Suggestions?

Currently in operation of coal chemical industry project, harsh working conditions of control valve is given priority to with import valve, the localization rate is not high, but with the development of coal chemical industry in our country this decade, design institute and the user is devoted to the localization of the control valve, and coal chemical industry demonstration projects in advancing the self-independence of major technical equipment and industrialization has made attempts, coupled with the National Energy Administration of the notice on enhancing coal deep processing technology equipment manufacture "the request of the equipment localization rate of project implementation units and equipment development organizations in terms of domestic support, control valve domestic enterprises encountered the unprecedented development opportunity,The control valve enterprises should seize the good opportunity, increase the investment in the technology research and development, improve the manufacturing level, and realize the localization of the coal chemical industry key control valve as soon as possible.

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